Digicurb is a time sharing app designed to enable students to support one another.

We're a platform connecting students in need of a particular service to those able to provide such service on the same campus for a small fee. Whether it's having a pizza delivered, finding a fellow student to help you understand an exam question or with a move to new digs, Digicurb directs you to fellow students who can help. Digicurb is a start-up and our product is in beta.

Please help us make it better with your comments and suggestions at info@digicurb.com.



If you provide a service, you are driving the transaction and are therefore considered a DRIVER on our network. You will want to register as a DRIVER and create your account. Once complete, congratulations, you are now a small business owner. To be successful in this new venture, you will want to begin to promote your services throughout your circle of friends and social media to raise awareness of your new business. During the trial period, you will be compensated at the rate $0.49 cents per minute for services rendered, of which 80% goes to you, 20% to Digicurb. If properly promoted, our DRIVERS can make upwards of $20 per hour after the split.


If you are in need of a service, you are considered a RIDER on our network. You will want to register as a RIDER and create your account. Once complete, you will be able to book services from fellow students on your campus. During the trial period, the cost for each transaction is computed at $.49 cents per minute of service provided plus a $0.49 cent booking fee.